Assisted Fitness

assisted fitness san diego challenge center

 In Challenge Center’s Assisted Fitness program, each client will receive an exercise program that was individually created for them by a Physical Therapist, to address their specific fitness goals. Clients then meet with a Certified Personal Trainer to help them do their PT recommended exercise program at each Assisted Fitness session. Challenge Center’s Certified Personal Trainers are specially trained to effectively and safely help individuals with disabilities exercise so that they may improve their fitness or maintain their health and function.

  • Assistance with transfers onto and off of equipment
  • Exercise modifications and grip-assist devices for a wide range of abilities are available
  • One-on-one hands-on stretching
  • Equipment that is effective for, and accessible to, individuals with mobility limitations Blood Pressure, Rate of Perceived Exertion, and Heart Rate monitoring
  • PT recommended exercise programs that are then supervised, guided, and progressed by a highly trained Certified Personal Trainer
  • Improve your fitness and maintain your health and function for life! 

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