Amanda Hailey, Serviceman and Survivor

"This place was my saving grace."

At 24, marathoner and Coast Guard Boatswain Amanda Hailey couldn’t understand why she was having trouble running.  A visit to the emergency room soon revealed her Stage 4 brain cancer.  During brain surgery she suffered a stroke which impacted her entire right side.  She was released from the hospital into hospice with a three month prognosis.
It was then that Amanda learned of Challenge Center.  On steroids, Amanda gained 100 pounds and her body wasn’t used to the weight.  “This place was my saving grace.  They were so creative about coming up with things to address the impact of my stroke.”  As a former athlete, Amanda wanted to be pushed, and Challenge Center met that desire.  “They taught me exercises which I then continued at home.  Maren was awesome.”
Amanda now runs 4.5 miles per hour on the treadmill.  She and her husband, a fellow serviceman, are now on the move to Titusville, Fla. for his job.  She looks forward to running with her sister in her new home state.
Amanda thanks the Wounded Warrior project and the Challenge Center’s Scholarship Program for their assistance in underwriting the cost of her two year recovery at the Challenge Center.  Amanda is quick to note that her progress would not have been possible without grants and donations from the local community.
We at Challenge Center are very proud of Amanda’s tenacity and hard work.  This Memorial Day weekend we wish to thank servicewomen and men like Amanda and her husband, and all those that have served their country.