Eleonore Bauerle


Eleonore’s life came to a complete stop in the beat of a heart. A stroke in 2005 left here paralyzed throughout the left side of her body, but more importantly, she felt devastated that her outlook was given to her as “get used to it.” This was not something Eleonore could get used to and she wanted her life back.
Discharged walking with a quad-based cane and a family member holding the belt around her waist, Challenge Center saw much more potential in reaching her goals of independence. She took physical therapy with an attitude that was both serious and fun, quickly advancing to walk around  her home with no help and no cane. Once she could move around, she needed things to do and Challenge Center didn’t let her down. We helped at all levels giving her back the skills and strength to prepare meals, care for her husband when he was ill, and best of all, venturing back into her beloved garden. When asked what these changes have meant to her, Eleonore replies, “Freedom.”