Eric Galvez

“All I know is that I’m going to fully enjoy living the rest of my story.”

Eric Galvez, a doctor of physical therapy (DPT), used to start his days surfing before heading off to his job. Taking full advantage of San Diego’s mild climate, he enjoyed an active lifestyle and participated in marathons and triathlons. That was five years ago, when the roles were suddenly reversed for Eric. He became the patient.
Eric began experiencing severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, and facial numbness that caused him to bite his lip, cheek or tongue. A non-malignant brain tumor the size of a golf ball located at the base of his brain between the brainstem and cerebellum, the brain structures that control heart rate, breathing, balance, facial/tongue movements, coordination, and fine motor skills. The tumor was operable and within a month it was removed. Eric stayed in the hospital for six weeks following his operation, underwent radiation therapy, and spent a year in rehabilitation.  
Eric was doing better, but his coverage was running out. Have a Physical Therapy past, Challenge Center was quickly at the top of his list and a great fit from day one. Eric’s new situation lead him to a new view of life, putting him on blogs and social media, neuroplasticity research, learning to cook, self-publishing his recovery journey, talking at colleges and establishing, a nonprofit organization to focus on knowledge, unity and research for newly diagnosed patients. Regardless of what he wanted to do, his great attitude had us on our toes to help. From walking to running and more, we’ve giving him a personalized physical therapy and fitness program to reach his goals. His response? “The rest of my story isn’t written. I’m still improving and re-creating myself. I’ve learned a lot about myself already. All I know is that I’m going to fully enjoy living the rest of my story.”