Hollis Cameron

“I am finally on the other side of that trauma!”

Hollis can tell a story. It starts standing with friends at the top of a hill, climbing into barrels and preparing to roll down for fun. Unfortunately, at the end of Hollis’ role, a strange bounce broke his neck and left him a quadriplegic. No bandages or quick fixes could be applied here, just good a hardworking attitude to regain his life. Nine months after his injury, Hollis’ insurance denied the 18 year old further physical therapy, despite the fact that he could barely walk 100 yards without falling, and had no functional use of his right arm. Unwilling to accept this limitation, Hollis arrived at Challenge Center.
Starting in a power wheelchair, Hollis quickly moved to cane which he used during college, where he found his passion – Film. Despite what some may consider a hindrance, Hollis didn’t slow down and won top honors for producing documentaries. As his confidence and independence grew, he bought a car and learned to drive with his new abilities; did an internship with one of the top surf production companies; and began his own company. Meanwhile, Hollis continued to concentrate on his rehabilitation, continually making gains, and all along overcoming the many mental and physical hurdles associated with living with a disability. In 2008 he moved in to his own place and managed to support himself. Knowing he could make it on his own, several months ago Hollis moved to Canada to attend the prestigious Vancouver Film School's Entertainment Business Management Program.
In a recent email to his friends at Challenge Center, Hollis sums up his successful physical and emotional recovery: “Things are great up here! May 31st is the anniversary of my injury. That day can kind of throw me for a loop sometimes, but this year it was the opposite. It was sunny and I was walking, and eating a hotdog I bought off one of those carts... It was sunny and beautiful and I was walking and eating at the same time in bustling downtown Vancouver. It was the ultimate reflection of how far I have come. It felt great. Like, I am finally on the other side of that trauma (for lack of a better word). In only 6 short years. No biggie. Ha ha! – Hollis.” His production company, Succinct Productions, continues to strive as we see more and more improvements with Hollis as he moves forward with life!