Nancy Cohee

“You can achieve great things if you work at them.”

A local favorite on “Health San Diego,” Nancy suffered from a stroke caused by Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM) that she had in brain from birth. A surgery removed the AVM, but Nancy was left with her right side paralyzed and could not talk. At first, Nancy stayed at her mother’s house because the 13 stairs to her was too large a challenge. Her husband and children visited her, and her mother retired to care for her. But, this was not going to be enough. When released from one physical therapy program, she quickly found Challenge Center and has gone ever since.  She says “I love it there! They help me get better. I ask many questions regarding exercise, and I get answers. I walk better; I am now able to run! I want to improve... and I am.” A few years ago at Challenge Center, her right hand had to be Ace-bandaged to the grip in order for Nancy to ride the Nu-Step machine. Now, she can grip both handles, unassisted! Regaining grip made many things that were previously impossible to do, possible. She is also able to drive again. Though it has been years since her stroke, she continues to regain independence and abilities with Challenge Center.